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Nicki Swann (PI)


Nicki is interested in how different parts of the brain interact to produce and control movement and how this can be disrupted in disease. She got her undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley with a double major in Molecular Cell Biology and Psychology, her Ph.D. from UC San Diego in Neurosciences, and completed her postdoc at UC San Francisco. She joined the University of Oregon faculty in fall 2017.

When she is not working, Nicki enjoys swimming, camping, hiking, and spending time with her family and pets.



Kelsey Schultz (PhD Student)

Kelsey is a doctoral student in the Department of Biology and the Institute of Neuroscience. She received a B.S. in Psychology from the University of North Texas, before moving to Minneapolis to pursue her love of research and rap shows. During her time there, she had the great pleasure of working with Dr. Matt Chafee in the University of Minnesota Brain Sciences Center, where she studied neurophysiology of schizophrenia in rodent and non-human primate models of the disease. Her current research ambitions are to understand how movement informs cognitive and perceptual representations of time and space. Besides research, her other great passions are Brazilian jiu jitsu and science communication. You can catch her proselytizing science and critical thinking at



Alex Rockhill (PhD Student)

Alex Rockhill’s research is on electrophysiology of movement and movement disorders focusing on computational neuroscience modeling. He grew up in Seattle, where he went to the University of Washington and studied neurobiology in the UW computational neuroscience program as well as applied math in biological and life sciences. There, he researched the role of an intermediate area, V4, in the ventral, “object recognition” pathway using single cell recordings from rhesus macaque monkeys, focusing on the 3D feature selectivity of V4 neurons. He then moved to Boston to use fMRI, MEG, EEG, TMS-EEG and DBS to research and develop models of dysfunctional psychiatric neurophysiology and consciousness at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital. He moved to the University of Oregon to learn more about electrophysiology and deep brain stimulation and enjoys being active and being back in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest!


Vanessa Hufnagel (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Vanessa Hufnagel is a Biology Major in the Robert D. Clark Honors College Program. She hopes to move on to medical school for emergency medicine after her undergraduate studies. She is from Corvallis, Oregon but likes to say Texas is home. She plays on the University of Oregon Women’s Rugby team and loves spending time with her pet gecko (Jake from State Farm). One time she met Peter Dinklage but he didn’t say hi back.


Ryan Leriche (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

 Ryan is  pursuing a B.S in Human Physiology through the Robert D. Clark Honors College. He aspires to attend medical school to become a biological psychiatrist and hopes to incorporate what he learns in the Swann Lab in his practice. When not stressing about studying he enjoys dominating others at table tennis and playing basketball.



Dominique Denning (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Dominique is a undergraduate student at the University of Oregon. Originally from Orange County, California, she came to Oregon to study Human Physiology with a minor in Chemistry. After school she plans to pursue a career as an MD, hopefully in the pediatric field. When not studying or working at the Rec she enjoys exploring Oregon’s endless natural beauty, and having
movie nights with friends.

David McNeely (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

David is originally from Ojai, Ca but has lived in Oregon since 2009. He is majoring in Human Physiology and minoring in Chemistry with dreams of attending Stanford Medical School and later settling in the Bay Area. David also works with Occupy Medical, a local non-profit medical clinic aimed at providing stigma-free and no cost care for all who need it. He enjoys spending his free time with his girlfriend, Aly, and the both of them are excitedly awaiting a Corgi puppy due to be born near the end of 2019.​

Guthrie (Assistant Research Assistant)

Guthrie is a research assistant assistant in the Swann and Greenhouse labs. Her research interests span ethological studies of squirrel aggression in both residential and campus populations, botanical studies of the relative chewability of periderm in coniferous versus deciduous sticks, and the physical properties that underlie variations in tennis ball velocity. When she’s not in the lab she enjoys swimming, running, hiking, and manipulating people into feeding her.  



Lab Alumni

Nick Jackson – Now pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at UT Austin! We miss you Nick!

Zeeya Aspandiar – graduated from UO with a degree in Human Physiology and is currently training to become an EMT!

Kathryn Peterson – graduated from UO with a degree in Human Physiology and is now traveling before moving to LA to pursue her passion for the wine industry. We miss you Kathryn!

Anna Johnson – is pursuing her interests in sports medicine. We wish you luck Anna!



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